healthy weight loss diet

healthy weight loss diet

healthy weight loss diet

healthy weight loss diet

A healthy weight loss diet for a 17 year old?

I’m 5′5 and about 115 pounds. I’m not neccessarily “fat”, but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds for prom, just to get rid of this small pouch I have on my stomach lol. I want to do it in the healthiest way possible! I need some tips?

I will give you a simple yet effective plan that help you maintain a healthy weight and not just maintain a healthy weight but also a healthy body. This plan is called the New Start plan.

NEWSTART is an acronym.

First we have N. That stands for Nutrition. Make sure that you eat many natural foods such as Fruits, vegetables,grains ETC. Cut back on animal products such as dairy and meats. That is where you will get a most of your unneeded fats. And instead of eating 3 meals, try eating 2 larger meals breakfast and lunch. If you still need to eat a third meal, eat a light meal.Remember, never miss out on your breakfast, that is what gets you going for the day

Then we have E. That stands for exercise.Many people spend time on computers, tv, video games and they end up missing out on their exercise. Exercise is very important in maintaining a healthy body and weight. Any good physical labor is good exercise. Walking, running and working are good forms of exercise. You want to build muscle as you lose weight.

Next is W. That is water.You are made up of 70-85% water.That’s a lot of water! Your organs in your body depend on water to function. Your body needs lots of water to get rid of many of the toxins that are accumulated over time. If you exercise you will need even more water than if you do not exercise. Medical specialists say that an average person needs about 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Next we have S. That stands for Sunlight. Get about 15-20 Min a day.You’ll get plenty of vitamin d that way. It has many benefit for your health. too many to put here.
Next we have T. That stand for Temperance. We all know this, sometimes we are intemperate and eat too much, or eat too much of something. It would be a good thing to practice temperance.

Next we have A. That stands for Air. Fresh air brings oxygen to our lungs and supplies our blood with the needed oxygen and expels the waste product, Carbon Dioxide.You can get plenty of this while doing your outdoor exercises. Deep breathing is also a must.

Next we have R. That stands for Rest. Everybody needs a rest. Sleeping allows your brain cells to be recharged and energized. Medical research has shown that a sleep deprived person may be more likely to gain weight. See link —> ( )

And lastly but the least T. That stands for Trust in Divine power. That has a lot to do with your physical health.

Well, I hope that this was helpful to you. These principles, believe it or not , will make you the healthiest happiest person. )

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