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Saturated fat is found in eggs, bacon, meat, butter, olive oil and coconut oil and plays an integral role in immune health. But what is saturated fat and are Saturated Fats Good Fat or a Bad Fat?

Believe it or not, you can utilize fat into your healthy eating plan! There are different types of fat and it is imperative that you find out how and why bad fats are bad and good fats are good.

What Is Saturated Fat Is It Good Fat?

When you obtain your saturated fats from healthy sources, you are doing your body a wonderful service! Our bodies need these fats in order to achieve various tasks such as fight inflammation, combat chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis, as well regulating hormones and improving cognitive functions.

What Is Hydrogenated Fat – Bad Fats

These are the most damaging fats you could ever use. Astonishingly, even with all of the dangers associated with these types of fats, nearly every prepackaged or processed food on store shelves contains this type of dangerous hydrogenated oil.

When fats become hydrogenated, the molecular makeup of them alters and becomes something that our bodies can no longer recognize and has no idea how to process. Consequently, our bodies label hydrogenated fat as toxins that in turn create inflammation in the body as our bodies struggle to fight them off.

This is why it is so important to read food labels and become knowledgeable about the trans fat facts. Even the trans fat foods that claim to be healthy such as low-fat and fat-free foods still have hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. Other common foods that contain these nasty trans fats are packaged cookies, margarine, breakfast bars, cereals and snacks like crackers and chips.

What is Saturated Fat? This is very easy to answer – it is the fat found in animal and vegetable sources, there is no chemical process in the making of saturated fats.

Before 1920 the likelihood of heart disease was very low and not until the 1950’s did we see an increase in heart disease. Around 40% of the population suffers from heart disease!  What happened between 1920 and 1950 that brought on this substantial increase?

If saturated fat is the reason for increased heart disease then we could presume that people have eaten more saturated fat from that time but the fact is the quantity of traditional animal fat consumed in the American diet decreased from 83% to 62% – the consumption of animal fat went down!

If this is true, and people are now eating less saturated fat how can this be the cause of heart disease?  During this time period the average intake of dietary vegetable oils in the form of margarine, shortening and refined oils increased by 400%!

Once we started eating the refined oils the incidence of heart disease greatly increased.   The consumption of sugar increased by 60%! By cutting back on highly processed fake foods and tons of sugar and processed carbs, people become much healthier.  It is not the saturated fats, the healthy organic raw butter, grass fed beef, unrefined coconut oil, nor is it the egg yolk that’s giving you high cholesterol – it is these processed foods, tons of cake, bread, pasta, and cookies that’s creating the increase of heart disease!

We should eat only the most natural products possible and steer clear of prepackaged, processed foods that come off store shelves. So in answer to our question – what is saturated fat? – we here at Weight Loss Wisconsin  hope you now understand the vast difference between saturated fat and hydrogenated fat.

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